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How To Decorate Chairs Without Chair Covers

    Chair covers are a popular decor choice, but decorating without them has some nice benefits:

    • More Affordable: Buying covers can get pricey if decorating lots of chairs. Skipping them saves considerably.
    • Quick & Easy: Putting on snug chair covers and tying bows takes time. Decorating without covers is much faster!
    • Versatile Looks: You can decorate chairs in lots of creative ways beyond just using covers. This allows for more unique styles.
    • Reusable Over Years: Many non-cover decorations like bows, garlands, and ribbons can be untied and stored to reuse. Covers may get damaged.

    Types of Decor

    Here are some options for decorating without covers:

    Bows & Ribbons

    Tie bows onto chair backs and legs to add pops of color

    Fabric Accents

    Drape pretty swaths of tulle, lace, or linens to frame chairs. Loosely tie fabric strips into bows.

    Garlands & Greenery

    Wrap bead or flower garlands around chair frames. Intertwine leafy branches or greenery.

    Paint or Stain

    For wood chairs, add new stain or bright coats of chalk paint for depth. Distress edges for a vintage look.

    Tips By Chair Material

    Decorate strategically based on your existing chair material:

    MaterialDecoration Tips
    WoodStain, paint, decoupage, nail/glue accents
    MetalFloral garlands, ribbon, clip-on decor
    UpholsteredTies, wreaths, removable accents
    Chiavari/BambooDrapes, pipe cleaners, ribbons

    Inspiring Non-Cover Ideas

    Here are some creative no-cover chair decor ideas to try:

    • Back Ties: For chiavari chairs, crisscross thick ribbons down the backs. Top with a flashy brooch or bouquet where ribbons cross.
    • Hanging Wreaths: Wire or tie holiday wreaths onto each chair spine. Weave tulle through the greenery for softness.
    • Bandanas & Handkerchiefs: Use cute bandanas or handkerchiefs as disposable fabric covers! Layer different patterns.
    • Decoupage With Paper: Decoupage patterned scrapbook paper or old book pages onto wooden chair seats using adhesive.

    Final Touch Ups

    Once chairs are decorated, add finishing accents:

    • Floral corsages
    • Chalkboard tags with table numbers or names
    • Candles or lanterns hanging off backs/arms
    • Mismatched throw pillows on seats

    Take risks with DIY chair decorating without covers! The options are wide open.

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