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How To Clean High Chair Straps

    High chair straps can get very dirty very quickly. Food and liquid can get stuck in the buckles and fabric, leaving behind sticky messes and stains. Cleaning the straps regularly is important for a few reasons:

    Health & Hygiene

    • Dirt, food residue, and bacteria can accumulate in the straps. This puts your baby at risk of illness when they put the dirty straps in their mouth.
    • Clean straps will help prevent the spread of germs and viruses.


    • Dirt and stickiness can make it difficult to properly latch the buckles and adjust the straps. Clean straps will glide smoothly.
    • Food and liquid can make straps stiff. Cleaning helps restore softness and flexibility.


    • High chair straps often show a lot of visible dirt. Keeping them clean makes your high chair and kitchen look cleaner.

    Supplies Needed

    Having the right supplies on hand will make cleaning straps quick and efficient.

    • Mild dish soap or baby-safe cleanser
    • Washcloth, scrub brush, or cleaning toothbrush
    • Bucket, sink basin, or spray bottle filled with warm water

    You may also need stain removers, vinegar, baking soda, or bleach for tough messes.

    Cleaning Frequency

    The chart below provides guidance on how often to clean high chair straps based on use:

    Frequency of High Chair UseClean Straps
    Daily useEvery 2-3 days
    A few times a weekWeekly
    Occasional useMonthly

    Clean immediately after any major food or liquid spill.

    Step-By-Step Cleaning Guide

    Follow these steps to thoroughly clean high chair straps:

    Step 1: Remove the Straps

    Most high chair straps can be detached for easier cleaning. Check your instruction manual if unsure.

    Step 2: Rinse & Pre-Treat

    Rinse the straps under warm running water to displace dirt and debris. Pre-treat any stains, being careful with bleach or harsh chemicals.

    Step 3: Scrub

    Use a washcloth, brush, or toothbrush with warm, soapy water to scrub every inch of the straps and buckles. Target visible stains and stuck-on food.

    Step 4: Rinse

    Rinse all soap residue out from the fabric and buckles. Repeat scrubbing and rinsing for tough messes.

    Step 5: Air Dry

    Pat straps with a towel before hanging or laying out to fully air dry. Do not put wet straps back on the high chair.

    Step 6: Reattach

    Once totally dry, reattach clean straps to the high chair. Adjust for your child’s comfort and safety.

    Extra Tips

    • Check manufacturer’s instructions to see if straps are washing machine safe. If so, use a gentle cycle.
    • Try steam cleaning for a deeper clean.
    • Avoid harsh bleach or chemicals that could weaken fabric over time.
    • Replace straps that are excessively worn, torn, cracked, or won’t get fully clean.

    Keeping your high chair straps fresh and dirt-free takes just minutes but makes a big difference! Establish regular cleaning as part of your kitchen routine.

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